The past two decades have brought a major shift to how people plan their vacations. Vacationers always used to rely on experienced travel agents to coordinate their plans and find them the best deals. Now they use auction and discount travel sites to create their own itineraries and make vacation purchases. Although some savings can be found this way, the best way to plan and book your next trip is with an experienced travel agent, like with

What is a Travel Agent?

Travel agents are professionals in itinerary planning and making travel arrangements. A travel agent has the technical knowledge to be able to find the best deals on every aspect of a vacation. They know how to research destinations and get the best fares, having cultivated relationships with hotels and other vendors. They do the “legwork” when necessary by calling and negotiating with vendors to ensure the best prices for their clients. At, we pride ourselves on having the most experienced travel agents who can find the best prices and giving the best service possible.

Benefits over Bulk Discount Sites

Websites that allow people to bid on airfare, hotels and other vacation items can sometimes find low prices but there is no coherency to the arrangements. Vacationers who choose to go this route have to plan their own trips and handle all their own details. Traveling internationally is especially tricky, as there might be visa requirements, entry and exit taxes, and other things that the discount site does not disclose. Regarding prices, a discount site can offer low prices on single items, but a travel agent like can get a whole-package discount that is better overall.

Personal Attention

A trip auction site will not have the latest travel advisories and weather for your chosen destination, but an experienced travel agent keeps track of their clients’ travel plans to advise them accordingly. If a member of the party needs special accommodations for their physical needs the agent can arrange that quickly and easily. In case of an emergency on the trip an agent will be available to help. There are many other areas where a travel agent such as those working with will give their clients personal attention that is completely lacking with a do-it-yourself travel site.

Easy Vacation Planning

By entrusting your family’s next vacation to an experienced travel agent with, you will find that planning a trip does not have to be a stressful experience. The biggest question is, where do you want to go? Choose the vacation destination and our experienced travel agents will take care of the rest. Of course, they will need your input regarding budget limitations, travel dates, things you and your family would like to do, whether you would need a rental vehicle, etc. The travel agent will always keep you updated and informed, and arrange all the details. is the place to go to find experienced travel agents who will design and coordinate the perfect getaway for you and your loved ones. Simply by telling us where you want to go, our agents will plan your vacation down to the last detail. We allow you to enjoy a stress-free vacation experience at the best prices anywhere.

Just Plan It Yourself

Frequently Asked Questions

Planning a vacation can be time-consuming, and finding the best deals for your hard-earned money can be difficult. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about vacation planning and how the professional, experienced travel agents with can save money while helping you to get the most enjoyable vacation  possible.

1. How can a travel agent plan my trip?

A travel agent will plan your trip by first asking the right questions: where do you want to go? What do you want to do? What is your budget? When do you want to travel? Do you have any special limitations? How many people will be traveling, and where from? Armed with this information, a travel agent will find the best prices on hotels, airfare, car rentals and attractions that will meet your expectations and your financial limitations. They will then construct an itinerary for your entire trip and deliver the details to you along with any e-ticket, hotel stay and other reservation vouchers. All you have to do is show up.

2. How does using a travel agent save me money?

Most travel agents have cultivated relationships with travel suppliers and vendors, and they use the latest travel reservations technology. These two factors alone mean that they have access to the best prices available faster than anyone else could. Also, travel agents charge a referral fee to the travel suppliers for their services, whereas most travel sites charge a  per-item commission (i.e., per airline ticket or room reservation) to the traveler. You will definitely save more money using a travel agent.

3. Does a travel expert really help or can I do this better myself?

Yes, a travel agent makes a big difference in how a trip actually turns out. Airlines alone post more than 100,000 fare changes daily—could you personally sift through them all? A travel agent armed with the right knowledge and software can. Because they have more access and experience in the industry they know how to schedule reservations properly. They can tell you that a certain destination is best at a certain time of the year, offer suggestions on unique activities and special, smaller hotels, and factor in any special needs any party members might have. They handle details that most travelers just cannot deal with on their own.

4. Is a travel agent really free?

Travel agents do not usually charge their clients fees for their services. They are paid commissions by the travel vendors (airlines, hotels, car rental companies, etc.) for sending those companies business. The better travel agents get better prices overall due to their relationships with those vendors. So yes, they are free to you, the traveler.

5. How do travel agents make money when I don’t pay anything?

See the answer for question number 4.

6. Is it worth using a travel agent?

Yes. Regardless of whether saving money on your vacation is an object, using an experienced travel agent will decrease the stress factor in vacation planning to almost zero. That alone is priceless. Someone who wants to enjoy their vacation and not get bogged down in the details needs to use a travel agent, who will also work hard to save them money.

7. What kind of travel experts are there?

There are several kinds of travel experts. Some specialize in certain countries or regions (the Caribbean, Europe, etc.), others are more focused on the kind of experience the traveler wants (luxury, eco-travel, adventure tourism, volunteer vacations). Some focus mainly on specific kinds of reservations, such as cruises. Others are more generalized agencies that are able to tap into every aspect of the market.

8. How do I choose the best travel agent for me?

Just like in any industry, picking the right service provider is important to the overall experience in travel. Reputation is everything, so look for recommendations, which provide a past user’s perspective on how the agency performed. Many people and companies have their go-to travel agencies that handle all of their travel arrangements, whether for business or pleasure. This is a long-term relationship which is cultivated by that agency proving its worth time after time. An agency that has great recommendations is one to consider. They should also be able to coordinate all the services/reservations you need, be certified, and have good customer service accessible 24/7/365.’s travel agents suit all these requirements.

9. Can travel agents get me a better deal on my rental car?

Absolutely! Most travel agents have commission agreements with rental car companies that give them better rates than their publicly published prices. An agent can also often get free vehicle upgrades and combine a rental car with the other vacation costs into a package deal, saving you more money.

10. In what areas can a travel expert save me money?

An expert travel agent can save you money in every area of your vacation. They can get discounts on rental vehicles, hotels and attractions and on airfare. Why and how? Airlines, hotels and rental car companies actually reserve blocks of seats/occupancy/rental prices for travel agents. When those blocks are not used up by agencies the individual elements are offered on the general market, which is where the discount sites pick them up. Using a travel agent means you get the best price right away.

11. Is a travel expert better to use for international traveling?

Yes, definitely. A travel agent will construct your itinerary with your destination in mind. If the country you want to visit has any special entry requirements (taxes, visas, etc.) they can expedite this process and make sure you are prepared well in advance. When you are actually on your vacation, the travel agent will be available in case of an emergency to help in any way that they can. An online discount site won’t even take your call.

12. Can travel agents offer better deals than online websites?

Yes. Travel agencies have access to the good deals before the online discounters and auction sites get them—that is why there are such small numbers of “great price” flights, numbers of rooms, etc., to bid on, because agencies got the rest! Because travel agencies form good relationships with travel vendors they have better, faster access to the best prices.

13. Do travel agents work with cruise lines?

You’d better believe it! Statistics show that travel agents sell almost 90% of all cruise vacations. Cruise lines like working with travel agencies because they know the agencies will ensure their clients are prepared for the trip. Travel agents love working with cruise lines because they know their clients get a varied, luxurious vacation experience for a good price. Plus, a cruise vacation is easier for an agent to plan for since it limits the number of flights, rental cars and external tours that need to be scheduled.

14. Can travel agents make group bookings online?

Without a doubt! A group booking is a scenario in which it is very important to use a travel agency. It is too easy to lose track of the hundreds of tiny details that come into play with group vacations, simply because there are more people to consider in the arrangements! An experienced travel agent, such as those who work with, will take care of all the details for large groups, making it a much less stressful experience overall.

Another very important reason to use a travel agent for online group bookings is that they can maximize discounts. Twenty people making their own travel arrangements won’t earn any discounts apart from on their own reservations, whereas allowing the travel agent to make a group booking online will ensure they all benefit from the price reductions and special offers only available to large groups.

15. Why not just book online instead of using a travel agent?

You can make your own reservations if you like, and you might be able to get some really great prices on an individual flight or hotel room that way. However, without a travel agent to pull all the details together into a cohesive package, you will quickly begin to realize you just don’t have the time, patience or experience required. Travel agents can almost always guarantee the lowest prices on all trip details, not just on one element.

16. If I use, do I have to book with their travel agents?

We make it our job to find the most affordable and experienced travel agents so that you don’t have to look elsewhere. Once you have a list of suitable travel experts for your favoured vacation, you can choose whom you believe fits in most strongly with your budget and ideals.

17. What is the difference between a travel agent and a travel expert?

Travel agents and travel experts are terms that can usually be used interchangeably, though there are some subtle differences. Although every travel agent is a travel expert, every travel expert isn’t necessarily a travel agent. Travel agents often have earned that title by passing coursework in vacation planning, reservations software programs and other relevant topics. They are also usually members of a professional association specifically for travel agents, such as ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents).

ASTA and other professional travel organizations guarantee that their members meet their exacting standards of customer service and knowledge. Travel experts can be equally skilled and well-versed in the industry’s procedures and protocols as a certified travel agent, but they may or not be a card-carrying “professional” travel agent.

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