Great Vacation Package

scottsdale-arizona-vacation-packageI got a great vacation package to the romantic city of Scottsdale, Arizona. We flew into Sky Harbor Airport and as soon as we got off the plane, the adventure started. The huge airport is modern and well kept. We walked past so many restaurants and boutiques in the airport that I made a mental note to get to the airport early so I could explore the area before going home. Bookstores and museums were everywhere. What a busy airport! We took the escalators down to the bottom floor to get our luggage. What a pleasant surprise, the area was close, organized, and had great signage. We picked up our luggage from the rotating carousel that had our flight name and number overhead. The doors were well marked, letting us know where we had to exit to find our rental car that was a part of our vacation package.

The shuttle took us to an area not too far from the airport. All the way, I could see signs directing us to the rental area and back to the airport. That was great because I have had trouble in some cities finding my way to the rental area on returning to the airport. The car rental area was huge, but we quickly found the rental company listed in our package. They had our car ready and waiting. After signing the paperwork on the top floor, we took the escalator down to the bottom floor to pick up our vehicle. We had a GPS device in the car, which was nice. We quickly put the address of the resort into the system and it gave us turn-by-turn directions to Scottsdale. What a great addition to our package.

We arrive at the gorgeous resort with waterfalls greeting us as we turned into the property. The valet took our car and unloaded our luggage directing us to the front desk. The front desk had several staff members ready to help us, with no line to stand in, as we moved straight to the next available host. Quickly, we received our resort package with our breakfast coupon, keys to the pools, and information on several restaurants that were on the property. This great vacation package was more than I had envisioned. This upscale property was bundled with our flights and the car made this affordable.

Directing us back to the front of the resort, we got in our car. We followed a little cart to our private casita, where the real adventure began. Inside, we had an indoor Jacuzzi in the master suite. The living room area was massive. This was by far the best resort I have ever stayed in anywhere I have traveled. I have had cheese and cracker trays left for me upon arrival at some hotels. This resort had chocolate covered strawberries, and a bottle of Arizona’s finest wines, chilled and waiting for us. By far this great vacation package out ranked any I have purchased, delivering it in first-class.

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