Inclusive Vacation Packages

las-vegas-vacation-packageImagine an inclusive vacation package that includes; airfare, transportation, meals, and entertainment. When I tell you, the vacation was to Las Vegas you are going to think I spent a lot or I went bare bone. I did neither. I was able to fly into McCarron Airport in Las Vegas, where the slot machines meet you at the gate. The excitement of Vegas starts when you hear the many slots singing as you walk by them. We had our luggage as carry-on so we simply walked through the huge airport, down the escalators to the outdoors. We hailed a cab for the quick ride to the hotel. Arriving at the casino and hotel, the bellmen took our luggage as we paid for the cab.

Signing in, at the front desk, we received our inclusive vacation package. We had transportation tickets, meal tickets, show tickets, and many more items too numerous to see as we quickly moved from registering to alerting the bellman of our room number. He directed us to the long walkway and to the elevators. We passed security that wanted to see our room key and we were again welcomed to the hotel. Riding up to the 33rd floor, we were impressed with how large the hotels were in the area. Our themed hotel stood out as soon as we saw the green lights from the cab. Our room was too nice for the time we would spend in it. We had bus tickets to the outlet malls in Vegas for one day. I intended to hit the designer purse stores at the mall. We had tickets to see the Elvis museum and impersonator one evening, and transportation for both events came with the package.

We did not have any buffets as part of our inclusive package; instead, we had opted for two for one meals at the signature restaurants of some of the best chiefs in the world. We were planning to get to as many of the hotels as possible to check out the different themes. Our show tickets were part of the packet and we were excited about seeing the productions that everyone always talked about when visiting this cosmopolitan city.

Vegas has so much to offer a traveler, anything you are looking for is available in this city. Knowing what you want to do, helps in finding the right inclusive for you and your trip. We ordered breakfast in bed, had lunch at the hotel restaurant, and had dinner at a different hotel. We had transportation as a part of our package to take us to the mall for shopping. The tickets to the show were great. We had a handout in our package that gave us information on the Happy Hours in Vegas. We made our rounds sampling the wonderful mixed drinks and atmosphere at the bars and restaurants on the strip. Every day we experienced a different site. This inclusive vacation package gave us a lot of flexibility to explore the area.

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