Best Vacation Destinations for Cheap Currencies

One way to vacation on a tight budget is to choose a destination country that has cheap currency at the time of your trip. Some of the best vacation destinations for cheap currencies are listed here, however currencies fluctuate frequently and you will need to monitor currency changes prior to your trip to ensure there are no surprises.


History buffs and nature enthusiasts will both find interesting activities when vacationing in the country of Vietnam. Cuo Phuong National Park founded in 1962 is located south of Hanoi and is a great place for botanists to do research or for those who just love being surrounded by nature. On the North bank of the Thu Bon River sits the ancient town of Hoi An, one of the few intact Southeast Asian trading ports and no trip to Vietnam would be complete without a visit to Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon on the banks of the Sai Gon River in South Vietnam.


One of the Seven Wonders of the World is the lost city of Angkor Wat located in Cambodia, an extremely inexpensive country that prefers the dollar as the currency of choice.  Those with an interest in history and archeology will enjoy visiting the magnificent temples in the area surrounding Siem Reap and a boat tour on the world’s largest inland lake, Tonle Sap, points out the beautiful scenery.  For those looking for one of the best vacation destinations for cheap currencies, Cambodia is a safe and friendly destination with lodging at less than five U.S. dollars a night.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Considered the “Pearl” of South America, the lively cultural atmosphere of Buenos Aires is filled with history, nature and polo.  This cosmopolitan city is well known for steak and wine and boasts plenty of coffee shops, museums and historical sites perfect for walking tours.  There are several places of interest within twenty to fifty miles of Buenos Aires including a casino, an amusement park and the impressive temple Basilica de La Virgen de Lujan.  On a budget of approximately $40 U.S. dollars a day or less, Argentina is definitely one of the best vacation destinations for cheap currencies.

Budapest, Hungary (Eastern Europe)

Many places in Eastern Europe are great vacation destinations for cheap currencies.  One of them is the capital city of Budapest Hungary, where one U.S. dollar converts to approximately 200 Hungarian Forint which means a hotel stay will cost approximately $20 U.S. dollars.  Budapest has constantly changing weather so the best time to enjoy experience the rich history of this old European city is late April and May when the temperatures hover around a comfortable seventy degrees.

Regardless of the type of vacation you’d like to take and the kind of activities you enjoy, a little research can help you to ferret out the best vacation destinations for cheap currencies.  Some of the best places may be a little off the beaten trail, but can make great a great vacation as are less crowded and offer more opportunities to interact with the locals.


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