Current Best Beaches of 2011

Everyone loves a vacation filled with sand and sun.  The best beaches for 2011 are located all over the world and travelers that do some research and some advance planning can find the beach that perfectly suits their vacation needs.

Sanur Beach, Bali

Made popular recently by the film Eat, Pray, Love, Bali is often called the Island of the Gods.  Bali’s Sanur Beach offers calm water and warm ocean waves, which routinely reach above eighty degrees, making it a fantastic beach for families.  Sanur Beach is one of the best beaches of 2011 and includes the culture of a traditional village along with all the conveniences of a tourist locale.  Museums, galleries and a few ancient temples surrounded by pristine greenery that is virtually unspoiled create an atmosphere perfect for learning about the culture.

Cas Abao Beach, Curacao

The northwest coast of the small Caribbean island of Curacao is home to Cas Abao Beach, which is quickly gaining recognition as a great place for those who want to bathe in the sun and swim in the sea.  The pristine water provides the perfect environment for water activities like kayaking, diving, snorkeling and even a water trampoline.  Travelers who need a break from the water activities can visit the daiquiri bar for a cool drink, learn to salsa dance for free or relax on the beach while enjoying a massage.

Coronado Beach, California

Travelers looking for more than sand and surf will find Coronado Beach in San Diego, California to be a luxurious vacation spot.  Boasting a climate similar to the Mediterranean, it’s one of the current best beaches for 2011 and a great place for families who want to experience snorkeling and ocean fishing and maybe spot a celebrity or two.  Coronado’s most known landmark is the century old Hotel del Coronado, which hosted many well known guests and is now a prime spot for celebrity sightings.

Monterrico, Guatemala

For those with a more adventurous spirit, Monterrico, Guatemala fits the bill nicely.  The black volcanic sands off the Pacific coast of Guatemala stretch for miles and are a nesting ground for endangered leatherback and ridley sea turtles.  Swimming in Monterrico is limited to advanced swimmers because of the powerful surf, but the mangrove swamps along the coast and two nature preserves teeming with birds and aquatic life, make it a great getaway for bird and nature enthusiasts.

Florida Beaches

Captiva and Sanibel Islands off the southwest coast of Florida are home to award winning beaches that offer wonderful spots for shell collecting, island cruises, and dolphin watching.  Not to be outdone, the northwest coast of Florida offers the beautiful white sand of Panama City beach which calls to travelers of all ages and is home to the Shipwreck Island water park.  Clearwater beach is rated the number one beach in the Gulf region and is perfect for romantic getaways.  Florida also offers Crescent beach which is a popular beach for weddings located near Siesta Key Village.

Whether you are looking for a beach vacation in the United States or a more culturally rich locale, the options abound.  A little advance planning and some research will help to ensure that your vacation at one of the current best beaches of 2011 is one that everyone will remember.

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