What to Look For in Travel Insurance

Different types of travel need different features in travel insurance, so travelers need to consider whether their trip is a short vacation or an extended stay, and compare the needs of traveling with a family with needs of traveling alone. The type of transportation can also be important when choosing travel insurance, since those traveling by air, car, train and cruise liner all face different risks and have different needs.

Vacation Insurance

When planning a vacation of under 30 days, travel insurance that covers trip interruption or cancellation can protect the vacation investment. Medical coverage can make emergency medical services easier to obtain and baggage coverage can prevent vacations from being ruined by the loss of clothing and other possessions. Evacuation coverage can help defray unexpected costs created by acts of war or natural disasters.

Family Travel

Traveling with minor children can present extra difficulties and additional insurance coverages can offer peace of mind. In many cases it is free to add children to travel insurance and the medical coverage can be a great advantage. In addition to trip cancellation and interruption insurance, repatriation coverage can help return children home if a parent is hospitalized or unable to accompany them.

Senior Travelers

While seniors should have the same coverages as vacation travelers, they should also consider purchasing a waiver for pre existing conditions on their medical travel coverage since seniors are more likely to have them. If traveling to remote areas, emergency medical transportation coverage is also important. Travel assistance can help keep a trip running smoothly and provide peace of mind.

Cruise Liner Vacations

Travel insurance can reimburse the cost of a cruise vacation if the traveler misses the boat for any reason. It also provides coverage for stolen wallets or purses and lost or damaged baggage. Perhaps the most important coverage on a cruise is for medical transportation since cruise liners may not have full medical staff capable of handling medical emergencies and evacuation can be expensive. Travel insurance can cover the cost of removing a passenger to the nearest medical facility.

Other Coverages Under Travel Insurance

Some individuals travel either for business or on a pilgrimage to areas of the world that are not always safe. Some travel insurance provides coverage for terrorism which may interrupt a trip or require evacuation from the area. Many insurers provide travel assistance by telephone 24 hours a day so travelers can get help in the event they need to make a claim, or just receive assistance in arranging for tours or side trips.

Travel insurance can help travelers avoid monetary loss when a trip has to be cancelled, provide cash to restore lost property, assist in replacing a stolen passport, provide medical insurance to cover expenses anywhere in the world, and protect the traveler’s investment in a vacation or business trip. It is easy to compare the features and prices of different travel insurance carriers by requesting free online quotes from travel or insurance websites.

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