7 Important Travel Safety Tips

A vacation that involves traveling abroad can sometimes be one of the most memorable experiences of a lifetime.  The one thing that can ruin your dream vacation is falling victim to theft or some other crisis while traveling.  These 7 important travel tips will help ensure that you travel safely and without incident.

In Case of Emergency

Leave a detail itinerary with a friend or family member in case you need to be reached in an emergency, and notify consulate authorities of your travel destination as well.  Always carry your ID and information about any allergy or health concerns that medical personnel would need to know to treat you properly in the event of an accident.

Plan Well Ahead

Passports are the standard identification required if you intend to leave your home country and the process of obtaining one can take several weeks.  One reason to follow this important travel tip is that planning ahead may not only save you some money but can prevent your trip from being delayed or cancelled because you do not have a passport.

Know the Area

Tourists can sometimes be targeted for theft and other scams in vacation destinations, and someone who is constantly checking a map for directions can become a target for crime.  It’s crucial to know as much as possible about the areas that you will be visiting, including the layout of public places like airports, so that you are more confident of which direction to go when you arrive.  If you need to consult maps, do so in your hotel room before you head out for the day.

Keep Valuables Safe

A traveler who pulls a large sum of cash from their wallet or purse while they try to figure out how to convert currency will stand out in any country.  One important travel tip is to leave your cash and credit cards in the hotel and only carry currency you might need for the day’s activities.  If using a safe accessible to housekeeping staff, wipe the keypad down before and after entering your code as a precaution against theft.

Follow Safety Precautions

Researching your travel destinations will help you to know when you might be in a less than savory environment, but in most locations following standard safety tips for walking alone or after dark will be enough to make your trip go smoothly.  It’s also a good practice to avoid accepting beverages from anyone that you do not know and to stick to group activities that are organized by the hotel or another established organization.

Take Caution When Meeting New People

Although being in an unfamiliar place can be a little disorienting and it can be tempting to accept help if offered, try to refrain from accepting travel tips, rides or tours from people who approach you on the street as you cannot be sure of their trustworthiness and motives.  If you need assistance or a guide for a certain area, ask your hotel concierge or another hotel staff member for assistance.

Safeguard your Children

When traveling with children, it’s important to take precautions in case the unthinkable happens and you are separated somehow.  Give your child a card or piece of paper with important contact information for your trip such as the name of the hotel and your cell number.  Sometimes your hometown hospital will agree to create a plastic hospital bracelet for each child and you can insert a slip with current contact details in multiple languages into the bracelet to help facilitate them being returned to you.

Regardless of where in the world you decide to travel, planning your itinerary ahead and knowing the area along with standard safety procedures and precautions when meeting new people can be the difference between a good vacation and a horrible one.

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