The Top 10 Safest Vacation Destinations

In addition to weather related dangers, theft crimes, identity theft, and even violence can be a very real threat when traveling to an unknown destination.  Choosing to travel to one of the top 10 safest vacation destinations will help your vacation to go more smoothly.


The six Islands of Hawaii offer a choice of white, black, red, and green sand beaches.  On the island of Oahu tourists can visit Pearl Harbor or the legendary winter waves of the North Shore.  Opportunities for outdoor adventures abound on the island of Kauai and the waters of Maui are great for whale watching.  Not to be outdone, everything from beaches to snow capped mountains waits on Hawaii’s main island.


Although most travelers may not think of Iceland when planning a vacation, it is one of the top 10 safest vacation destinations.  Northern Iceland boasts bird watching, whale watching and the most powerful European waterfall.  Southern Iceland offers the icy wonders of Vatnojakull and the Strokkur geyser.  Hikers will enjoy East Iceland while the wooded areas, lava formations and fishing opportunities of West Iceland appeal to nature enthusiasts. Also consider a trip to the legendary blue lagoon spring spa.


Those who can appreciate classical music will certainly want to consider Austria when planning a vacation.  It makes the list as one of the top 10 safest vacation destinations and offers concerts and operas as well as ornate palaces and breathtaking landscape.  Wine and fresh produce abound and tourists can choose biking, hiking through the mountains, or go off the beaten path to explore underground salt caves, ice caves or mystical Swarovski Crystal Worlds.


Germany also makes the list as one of the top 10 safest vacation destinations and is home to castles, churches, the Berlin Wall and the popular Black Forest Mountains.  Munich, one of the most popular tourist locations in Germany, offers tourists an inside look into the BMW museum, Olympic Park, and Neuschwanstein Castle.  And of course no vacation to Germany is complete without Oktoberfest, an annual celebration of Bavarian beer held in the fall.


Switzerland offers hang gliding in Interlaken for the more adventurous at heart, but a leisurely ride on one of the many trains like the Bernina Express is a more common activity.  Riders on the Bernina Express can come in from Italy and travel the rails to the top of the Bernina Pass.  For those who are tired of walking over other parts of Europe, a relaxing train ride will be just the ticket to help you rejuvenate.

Czech Republic

Those looking to step back in time will want to visit Spilberk Castle and Fortress and the medieval town of Brno, Czech Republic.  The capital city of Prague is well known for its Gothic castles and is truly one of the most beautiful of the European cities.  Travelers who are ready to relax and relieve a little stress should take advantage of one of the spas located throughout the country as these luxurious services are much less expensive than in the United States.


Sweden also ranks as one of the top 10 safest vacation destinations and offers pristine forests, a beautiful coastline and glass factories.  Castle lovers will enjoy the Royal Castle in Stockholm, a visit to the ruins of old Helsingborg Castle and perhaps a tour of the Kingdom of Crystal in Kalmar.  Sweden is great for backpackers and travelers on a budget due to right of public access.


Ireland is well known for its breathtaking landscapes, offers something for everyone and also makes the list as one of the top 10 safest vacation destinations.  The relaxed pace of the Southern Coast will appeal to some travelers and families may prefer the plentiful attractions of Northern Ireland.  The thriving city life and exciting sporting events of the East Coast call to the sports minded while the canal walks and canoeing of West Ireland will appease the boating enthusiasts.

New Zealand

Travelers looking for adventure will want to check out Queenstown, New Zealand to experience bungee jumping, paragliding, and rafting.  In addition to the adventure of Queenstown, the rock formations, labyrinth of caves, geysers and fishing opportunities throughout New Zealand call to the historians, nature enthusiasts and those with an adventurous spirit.


Swimming with the manta rays and sharks in Western Australia is a great experience, however, if the land of the outback calls, a visit to the Northern territory of Australia is the answer.  From the great barrier reef of Queensland to the historic sites and green gardens of Adelaide, or the glacial mountains and dense forests of Tasmania, the continent of Australia safely offers activities and sightseeing for everyone.

Regardless of where you travel for your vacation, it’s important to follow standard safety precautions to safeguard yourself and your valuables. However, planning a vacation to the areas that are on the list of top 10 safest vacation destinations will help to ensure that your vacation is a memorable one for all the right reasons.

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