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Vaccination Requirements Around the World

Every country has different requirements for vaccinations and in addition to required vaccinations, there are also recommended vaccinations. Most countries will provide a list of required and recommended vaccinations when travelers request visas to visit the nations, but a general outline is provided here. On a first note, there is no vaccine against malaria, but prophylactic treatment is recommended for visitors to many areas of the world.

Vaccinations Commonly Recommended for African Countries

Most African nations require that visitors be vaccinated for yellow fever, but both typhoid and cholera are recommended for many African countries. Depending on the country and the area of the country a traveler is visiting, tuberculosis, hepatitis A, diphtheria and rabies vaccine may also be recommended. In addition to the vaccinations, it is advisable for travelers to many African countries to begin a malaria prophylaxis program at least 20 days before arrival at their destination.

Vaccinations for Asian Countries

With the exception of Japan, where no vaccinations are required, typhoid, diphtheria, and hepatitis A vaccine are recommended for most areas. Yellow fever vaccination is required in certain countries and malaria prophylaxis is also recommended. Cholera vaccination  is advisable if traveling in certain areas as is vaccination for Japanese encephalitis. Rabies and tuberculosis vaccination may also be advisable in rural areas of many Asian countries.

Australia and the Pacific Rim

The only required vaccination for Australia is yellow fever. New Zealand recommends tuberculosis and hepatitis B and many of the less developed island countries recommend typhoid and diphtheria vaccinations in addition to yellow fever vaccination. Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu all have a high risk for malaria infection so malaria prophylaxis is important with appropriate measures to avoid mosquito bites.

Countries in Europe

There are no required vaccinations for most Western European nations, although hepatitis A is recommended for several countries. Travelers should have current polio and tetanus vaccinations for all of Europe. Eastern European countries recommend typhoid, hepatitis A and B, diphtheria, rabies and tuberculosis vaccinations.

South American Nations

Yellow fever vaccination is required in most South American nations and typhoid, hepatitis A and B, diphtheria, tuberculosis and rabies are recommended. The risk of malaria varies in South America and prophylaxis is recommended for travel to certain countries, particularly in the northern countries and countries in Central America. As with all destinations, travelers should have a current polio and tetanus vaccination.

North American Countries

No vaccinations are required for Canada and the United States. Rabies is recommended for those visiting certain rural areas of Canada. Vaccinations recommended for Mexico include typhoid, hepatitis A and B, tuberculosis and rabies. Some areas of Mexico are prone to malaria outbreaks and malaria prophylaxis may be need for these areas. Up to date polio and tetanus vaccinations are important for all travelers.

In many cases, “recommended” should read strongly “recommended”, especially for travelers who are planning to spend an extended period in a country. Some of the diseases for which vaccines are recommended are related to less than optimal sanitation conditions in developing countries where water supplies may be contaminated. Travelers should consult with their personal physician regarding travel vaccinations at least two months before a trip is planned.

Aruba Vacation Packages


If you are looking for a safe bet for a vacation during hurricane season then consider going to the island of Aruba. Aruba is just outside the main hurricane belt in the Caribbean so you are pretty sure to have great weather for your trip. There are also many wonderful Aruba vacation packages that you can choose from. Aruba is perfect for everyone because it has Golf, Tennis, Scuba and Snorkeling as well as pristine beaches where you can relax and unwind.

Aruba vacation packages also can be customized to fit anyone’s travel budget. Try to get as much included in the price of your vacation package as you can. This way you will know approximately how much it will cost you before you go on vacation. All inclusive Aruba vacation packages usually include airfare, airport transfers, hotel accommodations, all your meals and drinks – alcoholic and non-alcoholic, entertainment and some activities.

If golf is your thing then you will want to ensure you have a the time reserved at the Tierra Del Sol golf course. It was created by Robert Trent Jones in 1995 and is the only championship course on the island. The times usually are available between 7am and 5pm and prices vary on time of day, day of week, and if you are going in their peak travel season. Call ahead before you go on vacation to check rates and availability or have your hotel’s Concierge Desk do it for you. If you wait until you arrive on vacation you may find that they are booked up.

If tennis is more your sport then you are luck! Most of the hotels and resorts in Aruba have tennis courts. If your property does not have tennis on-site then there are many tennis clubs you can go to. Playing tennis in Aruba is pretty easy to do if you plan ahead and make arrangements before your trip starts.

When you start planning your trip to Aruba keep in mind that the average temperature is just 82 degrees. The island is pretty much flat and dry since it is outside the weather scope of the other Caribbean islands. Between 11am and 3pm you need to be sure you have enough sunscreen on to avoid a sun burn. The heat of the sun can be deceptive especially if there is a cross wind blowing. You will not really have to worry about rain either since it usually only gets about 18 inches of rain each year.

Aruba vacation packages sell out quickly so be sure to book your trip as early as you can. There are not a lot of flights into and out of Aruba but if you are a little flexible you will do just fine. If you want to visit Aruba but also want to see other Caribbean islands then why not consider taking a cruise? With a cruise you get to stop and experience a few different Caribbean islands during the same trip. You do not have to worry about flying directly to the islands as most cruise ships leave from Florida. You might even be able to drive to the port saving you and your family lots of money on airfare.

No matter how you get to Aruba you will have a vacation of a lifetime! Aruba has something for everyone – don’t take my word for it – come experience it for yourself.

Saving Money on Your Next Trip

When looking to book your next trip you should research as many vacations and packages that you can. With travel and leisure entertainment being the first two things to be cut within a budget tour operators have become very competitive. You can definitely find a great deal on a vacation package if you do your homework.

The first thing you need to do is decide what type of vacations and packages you will be looking at. Do you want a warm weather trip to a beach destination, a cold weather trip to a ski resort, or a sightseeing trip where you can take any weather as long as it is not too extreme. Once you narrow down the type you can start narrowing down the location. Do you want to stay within the United States or do you want something to the Caribbean or to Europe.

If you decide you want to look at all the available beach vacations and packages then you will have a wide area to research. There are wonderful beaches within the United States and you may not have to fly to get there. This will save you and your family a lot of money on airfare. Being able to drive to your vacation destination will also allow you to have your own vehicle on your trip saving you money on a car rental.

If you are flying then try to look for a destination that has multiple airline carriers servicing it. The more options the more competitive the pricing will be. When an airline is the only non stop carrier serving a destination then they can set their own prices.

Another way to save money on your next trip is to think about renting a house or condo instead of staying at a hotel or resort. With a house rental you can fit more people and share the cost. A house rental would also have a full kitchen and usually has an outside grill too. This way you can reduce the number of times you eat out which can save you a lot of money too. If you are only going with two or three people then a house rental would be too large for you and you would be better off looking for a deal at a resort or hotel.

When researching hotels and resorts try to find the ones that include the most amenities. Look to see if they have an all inclusive rate where they include all meals and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Some resorts will also include entertainment, activities, and airport transfers. Many tour packages and vacations will include these things and much more.

Check to see which activities they are offering you as well. If you want to play tennis or golf while on vacation then be sure to ask if they offer this on site or if they can reserve it and transport you to play. Golf and tennis fee’s can quickly add up so if you can get them included in the cost of your vacation you will be better off.

Do not be afraid to try to negotiate with tour operators on their vacations and packages. While they may not be able to reduce the price of the trip they may be able to throw more options and amenities into the package for you. You will never know unless you ask.

Disneyland Vacation Packages

CA-Screaming1.1920If you are looking for a great place to get away consider looking into one of many Disneyland vacation packages. Disneyland located in beautiful, sunny California is one of the few places left in the world that still has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a great place for a family vacation, a fun trip with friends or a romantic getaway you can find the perfect vacation at Disneyland. No matter what your age you will feel as though you have stepped into a whole other world as soon as you enter the park!

There is a plethora of activities to take part in when you are on your Disneyland vacation. Disneyland has a numbers of fun rides that feature all your Disney favorites. Take a ride in the spooky Haunted Mansion or head out on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Besides all the great rides there are also fun shows, parades, and shopping choices you can pick from. There are also a number of restaurants and cafes for you to dine at. From casual dining to more formal fare you can find just what you are looking for. After a fun day at the park you can head back to one of their luxurious resorts or cozy hotel rooms.

There is a variety of Disneyland vacation packages that you can choose from. For those who are coming from out of town you can find that Disneyland has the special vacation packages that include hotel or resort prices as well as the ticket prices to get into the park. There are many hotels and resorts that you can choose from no matter what budget you are having to adhere to. Besides lodging you can also find special packages that including dining. Disneyland vacation packages do not just have to be for those who are from out of town. If you are a native to California you may find special in state discounts on tickets if you shop around.

Here are a few tips to help you plan your vacation. First you will want to see what kind of budget you are having to adhere to. Once you have a general idea of how much you want to spend then you will know what exactly you have to work with. Remember to include all the extras such as snacks and souvenirs. Next determine when you want to take your vacation. Summer is going to be extremely busy. If you can make it you should try for Fall or Winter. These times are also the least expensive times to go. After you have determined what time of the year you will be taking your vacation you can determine what kind of accommodations you would like. There are many different packages to choose from that include all types of hotels and packages so even if you cannot spend much you should still be able to get a good quality room. You should also check and see if you qualify for any discounts such as military discounts. Be sure to ask when you are getting your vacation package. These tips will help you get the best Disneyland vacation package.

Comparing Vacation Discount Packages

When you start looking around at all the available vacation discount packages do not forget to consider taking a cruise. Cruises are a great value especially in this poor economy. A cruise ship is like a floating hotel. A cruise vacation package includes all your meals and non-alcoholic drinks, on board activities, some shore excursions, and port charges. You can usually ask them to bundle in your airfare if you have to fly to the port as well as your airport transfers to the cruise port.

Cruises are a great way to see multiple destinations. Most cruise ships stop at a few different islands and some even have their own private island. Kids love to explore the cruise ship and parents do not have to worry since they cannot leave the ship. They can swim in the pool, play shuffleboard, or watch a movie in the ships theatre room.

If cruises are not your thing then look through the other available vacation discount packages to see what interests you and your family. Remember that if you can travel at off peak times you can usually get a better deal on your trip. Sometimes you have to travel during peak times. For example, a trip to Bermuda is best when you can enjoy the beautiful warm sandy beaches. If you go at an off peak time it might not be as warm as you want it to be.

Talk about your upcoming vacation with your family. Get their input on where they would like to go and what they would like to do while on the trip. Sometimes you can find a vacation discount package that will make everyone happy. If you love to play golf and your spouse loves spa treatments then you are in luck. Many of the larger golf and tennis resorts also have extensive spas. The larger resorts also have multiple restaurants and lounges so you are not stuck eating in the same place night after night.

Vacation discount packages are also available to Europe, South America and even the South Pacific. Imagine taking a relaxing vacation to Fiji or a pub tour of Ireland. Once you know what your family is looking for you can narrow down the choices. Someone might have to compromise but as long as you promise to do something different for the next vacation it should be fine. It is hard to make everyone happy all the time.

When looking for the best deal try to find a vacation discount package that is all inclusive. The more your vacation package can include the better it will be on your budget. Knowing what everything will cost ahead of time can also help you budget and save up for your family vacation. If you are going on a ski trip then try to get the tour operator to include the lift tickets and your ski equipment rentals. Same applies if you are taking a golf trip. Ask the resort or tour operator to include the golf tee times and golf club rentals. The more you get them to include the better off you will be.

Saving Money on Your Next Vacation Travel Package

Anyone looking to save money these days is looking for a great deal on a vacation travel package. Money is tight all over and people are watching every penny of their hard earned money but they still want to take a vacation and get away.

Travel and entertainment are the two areas that people cut first when money is tight. This goes for businesses too. Consumers will start researching early to find the best vacation travel package available. They know that sometimes you have to book way ahead of time to secure the very best deal.

In a down economy travel companies start to become much more competitive with their pricing. They realize that they have to do this in order to survive. You start seeing travel deals on television ads, hear them on the radio and see the advertising online. They need to fill the planes and hotels to make money.

If you are thinking about your next vacation then start researching different possible destinations as soon as possible. Make a list of all the places that you and your family are interested in going. You can use an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of all the information you gather. This will make it easier to compare costs and features too.

List along the left side column each possible vacation travel package that interests you. Make columns for price, how far in advance it has to be reserved, another for when full payment has to be made, add a column for included features, and another for notes. If you are open to where you want to go then you will have the most choices to pick from.

Vacation spots that are more popular may have the best pricing since these tour operators will be competing against each other for your money. Try to find an all inclusive vacation travel package as this can save you a lot of money in the long run. Having your meals and drinks included can be great if your family eats a lot or likes to drink. Usually on an all inclusive vacation package all alcoholic drinks are included too.

Sometimes you can also save money on your vacation travel package by going off season. You will not only save money but the tourist crowds will be less. This will be especially good if you are visiting historical cities and attending exhibits, galleries and museums. You might have to wear a sweater or coat but you can see more attractions in less time if there are no crowds.

If you are set on a specific vacation travel package and you know it will be expensive then think about setting up a vacation bank account. You can work it just like a holiday bank account. Put a little aside each week from your pay check and do not touch it. This way the money is in one place and it will even earn interest. This can help pay for your trip or at least pay for part of it.

Last Minute Vacation Packages

last-minute-vacation-packagesEver wish you could just get away, right now? Just get up from your desk and go. Watching travel shows ever give you the urge to head out right now but don’t know where to go and how much it’s going to cost? Don’t worry. Your options are as limitless as your imagination. You can train it, drive it, or fly it. If you’re adventurous enough, your last minute vacation package is out there!

One way to get a good last minute vacation package is to schedule your trip out of season. Many hotels or resorts offer great incentives for their off-peak dates. After all, does your vacation always have to fall in the summer or holiday seasons? Prices peak during the holidays, so why mess with crowded hotels and delayed flights when you can ease into your vacation instead? Planning on a road trip? Dont waste your gas and lose patience getting stuck in traffic during those long holiday weekends.

Another way to get a great last minute vacation deal is by checking out the websites of the places, cities, or states you’d like to visit. There may be some hidden gems out there, so plan your vacation around it! States revamp their towns and cities now and then as a way to peak visitors’ interests. Why not start there?

You can also get the best deals by being flexible in your travel dates. Traveling on a Tuesday through Thursday can get you a better last minute vacation package. Plus airlines tend to give the best prices about twenty days before your planned vacation date. So if you want to travel on the 20th, the best time to look for flights would be at the beginning of the month. Airlines are also constantly working with hotels to give the best last minute vacation packages. Hotels want to maximize their room sales and will work with airlines to get you from your home to their locations.

Road trips are another fabulous way to find last minute vacation packages. Hotels are more than willing to offer special packages for weekend getaways or a weeklong stay. Some packages come with a free night stay, free room upgrade and free breakfast. Others offer discounts on amenities which are perfect for a relaxing vacation. So check out hotel websites every now and then to find a great package.

Finally, make your credit card work for a change! Why not let the credit card earn something back for you? Credit card companies want you to use their cards over others. Airlines, hotels and car rentals have mileage memberships. Make them give you a reward for being such a loyal customer!

Remember, the key to getting the best last minute vacation package is flexibility. This could mean leaving early in the morning or late in the evening. Traveling during the middle of the week, instead of the weekends is another way to save some coin. Research, keep your eyes peeled, and have an open mind. Enjoy!

Inclusive Vacation Packages

las-vegas-vacation-packageImagine an inclusive vacation package that includes; airfare, transportation, meals, and entertainment. When I tell you, the vacation was to Las Vegas you are going to think I spent a lot or I went bare bone. I did neither. I was able to fly into McCarron Airport in Las Vegas, where the slot machines meet you at the gate. The excitement of Vegas starts when you hear the many slots singing as you walk by them. We had our luggage as carry-on so we simply walked through the huge airport, down the escalators to the outdoors. We hailed a cab for the quick ride to the hotel. Arriving at the casino and hotel, the bellmen took our luggage as we paid for the cab.

Signing in, at the front desk, we received our inclusive vacation package. We had transportation tickets, meal tickets, show tickets, and many more items too numerous to see as we quickly moved from registering to alerting the bellman of our room number. He directed us to the long walkway and to the elevators. We passed security that wanted to see our room key and we were again welcomed to the hotel. Riding up to the 33rd floor, we were impressed with how large the hotels were in the area. Our themed hotel stood out as soon as we saw the green lights from the cab. Our room was too nice for the time we would spend in it. We had bus tickets to the outlet malls in Vegas for one day. I intended to hit the designer purse stores at the mall. We had tickets to see the Elvis museum and impersonator one evening, and transportation for both events came with the package.

We did not have any buffets as part of our inclusive package; instead, we had opted for two for one meals at the signature restaurants of some of the best chiefs in the world. We were planning to get to as many of the hotels as possible to check out the different themes. Our show tickets were part of the packet and we were excited about seeing the productions that everyone always talked about when visiting this cosmopolitan city.

Vegas has so much to offer a traveler, anything you are looking for is available in this city. Knowing what you want to do, helps in finding the right inclusive for you and your trip. We ordered breakfast in bed, had lunch at the hotel restaurant, and had dinner at a different hotel. We had transportation as a part of our package to take us to the mall for shopping. The tickets to the show were great. We had a handout in our package that gave us information on the Happy Hours in Vegas. We made our rounds sampling the wonderful mixed drinks and atmosphere at the bars and restaurants on the strip. Every day we experienced a different site. This inclusive vacation package gave us a lot of flexibility to explore the area.

Great Vacation Package

scottsdale-arizona-vacation-packageI got a great vacation package to the romantic city of Scottsdale, Arizona. We flew into Sky Harbor Airport and as soon as we got off the plane, the adventure started. The huge airport is modern and well kept. We walked past so many restaurants and boutiques in the airport that I made a mental note to get to the airport early so I could explore the area before going home. Bookstores and museums were everywhere. What a busy airport! We took the escalators down to the bottom floor to get our luggage. What a pleasant surprise, the area was close, organized, and had great signage. We picked up our luggage from the rotating carousel that had our flight name and number overhead. The doors were well marked, letting us know where we had to exit to find our rental car that was a part of our vacation package.

The shuttle took us to an area not too far from the airport. All the way, I could see signs directing us to the rental area and back to the airport. That was great because I have had trouble in some cities finding my way to the rental area on returning to the airport. The car rental area was huge, but we quickly found the rental company listed in our package. They had our car ready and waiting. After signing the paperwork on the top floor, we took the escalator down to the bottom floor to pick up our vehicle. We had a GPS device in the car, which was nice. We quickly put the address of the resort into the system and it gave us turn-by-turn directions to Scottsdale. What a great addition to our package.

We arrive at the gorgeous resort with waterfalls greeting us as we turned into the property. The valet took our car and unloaded our luggage directing us to the front desk. The front desk had several staff members ready to help us, with no line to stand in, as we moved straight to the next available host. Quickly, we received our resort package with our breakfast coupon, keys to the pools, and information on several restaurants that were on the property. This great vacation package was more than I had envisioned. This upscale property was bundled with our flights and the car made this affordable.

Directing us back to the front of the resort, we got in our car. We followed a little cart to our private casita, where the real adventure began. Inside, we had an indoor Jacuzzi in the master suite. The living room area was massive. This was by far the best resort I have ever stayed in anywhere I have traveled. I have had cheese and cracker trays left for me upon arrival at some hotels. This resort had chocolate covered strawberries, and a bottle of Arizona’s finest wines, chilled and waiting for us. By far this great vacation package out ranked any I have purchased, delivering it in first-class.

How You Can Find A Great Vacation Package Discount

In today’s economy, vacations are a luxury that many of us put on the back burner. However, in spite of the economy, a great vacation is just the boost many of us need to provide the incentive to press on and have something to look forward to. It’s not difficult to find an inexpensive vacation package discount if you know how to go about it. All you need to do is visit an online travel agent website to get a great deal.

The travel agent website can offer a great vacation package discount and offer great customer support. When you visit an online travel agency, it can be your one stop shopping discount vacation package destination. Most travel websites offer many one of a kind discounts, offers and other vacation package features that would normally not be available from an offline travel agency. The benefits of the visiting an online travel agent website are searching travel deals at your leisure, unique travel bargains and access to many of their own resources.

Many vacation package discounts go fast, so when you discover one that appeals to you and your situation, it makes sense to book it. The online travel agent website will post deadlines and perhaps even offer you reminders when the deals are set to expire so that you won’t ever have to lose out on any great vacation offers. In most cases, the vacation package discount is advertised because many of the hotels that they represent have a surplus of unbooked rooms. Their reasoning is, it’s better to sell them at a discount, sometimes even a deep discount, than to not sell them at all.

Another way to garner a great deal on a vacation package discount is to try and work your schedule around the dates of the vacation. Sometimes, these vacation packages require booking on very short notice. Also, the great deal may come during the off season, or when the kids are in school. If you can change your schedule to meet deadline booking and departure dates, it will be to your advantage. Many times, if you’re able to depart on a weekday instead of the more desirable Friday or Saturday, you’re more likely to find a better discount. When you book your vacation online, you’ll virtually be guaranteed of a no hassle, worry free vacation, provided the travel agent website is reputable. Most travel agent websites are very reputable, and can you with great offers on discount accommodations.

It’s important, as a consumer, that when you search for the most competitive vacation package discount, make sure you do your homework. Don’t grab the first deal that appeals to you. There are hundreds of great deals you can take advantage of. It may take a little more research on your part, but you’ll garner the benefits. Another very important thing to remember, is make sure that the agency that you are dealing with is reputable. Make it a point to research them and it wouldn’t hurt to check with your local Better Business Bureau to see if there were any complaints filed against them. Most are reputable and provide a much needed service, but it’s good to check.

Most of the time when you book a vacation package discount, the hotels are grateful for your business, so they may even offer you more “comps.” They want your repeat business and want you to be satisfied with your stay. If, after you’ve booked your vacation package discount, they don’t offer you any extra products or services, if would be to your benefit to ask them if they could further discount their offer, or maybe include an room upgrade or free night. You never know unless you ask. In today’s precarious economy, most everything is negotiable, even vacation package discounts.

Great online deals for vacation packages are abundant. If you can be flexible, you can save big on hotel accommodations, airfare and even food. The economy doesn’t have to put a damper on your ability to get away and enjoy a quality vacation, so get to searching the web for great some great deals from one of the many travel agent websites. You’ll be glad you did and Bon Voyage!