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Archive for the ‘Travel News’ Category.

Recent Catastrophic Storms in Vacation Destinations

Even the best planned vacation can go awry with the arrival of bad weather.  Recent catastrophic storms in vacation destinations not only ruined vacations but caused devastating loss of life and property damage.

Hurricane Earl 2010

The duration of Hurricane Earl officially lasted from August 25th through September 4th, 2010, but it managed to impact several popular vacation destinations during its course.  Earl battered the island of Puerto Rico with tropical winds and brought heavy rains and oversized waves to Cape Hatteras before changing direction to travel along the New England coastline.  Cape Cod, another popular vacation destination experienced minor flooding and beach erosion.  The major impact of Hurricane Earl was the two deaths and over 100 million dollars in damage caused throughout the Caribbean.

Hurricane Tomas 2010

The reigning period of Hurricane Tomas was from October 29th through November 7th 2010 and it struck the Windward Islands.  The resulting mud and landslides resulted in eight deaths in St. Lucia before Tomas moved on and passed near Haiti where heavy rains again caused mudslides that resulted in thirty five deaths.  One drowning death was reported in Curacao and the nearby islands of St. Vincent, Grenadines and Barbados experienced millions of dollars in property damages, but luckily, no human casualties.

Catastrophic Storm, Brazil 2011

A catastrophic storm and resulting landslides caused widespread devastation throughout several towns near the top ranked city of Rio de Janero, Brazil in January 2011.  Rio de Janero is a long favored vacation destination for its popular beaches, music and Brazilian festivals and was devastated by the storm which resulted in the loss of over seven hundred lives and 20,000 homeless.  Cleanup from the catastrophic storm involved over fifteen hundred personnel.

Cyclone Yasi 2011 (Australia)

Cyclone Yasi hit Australia in the spring of 2011.  Residents were warned of the coming category 5 storm which was predicted to be one of the largest in Australian history.  Airline flights chock full of fleeing tourists and residents left Townsville the morning before the cyclone hit and thousands more people fled their homes and crammed into shelters.  Raging winds of 185 mph hit Sydney, Australia in pre-dawn hours and much of the resulting damage was in Cairn, Townsville and the already storm battered Queensland and its coastline which is a popular vacation destination.

Hurricane Karl 2011 (Mexico)

The historically popular vacation destinations of Cozumel, Cancun and the Yucatan Peninsula along with Veracruz, Mexico were devastated by Hurricane Karl in September 2010.  Over 20,000 homes were flooded and resulted in an estimated but unconfirmed 40,000 homeless.  Families had to be rescued from rooftops in San Pancho and Cotaxtla, damages to property were over 200 million total and recovery crews hauled away approximately 18,000 tons of debris.  The majority of the twenty two reported deaths were in Veracruz although four people died in nearby Nexticapan when a house was buried by a mudslide.

It’s important to plan ahead for your vacation and monitor changing weather patterns, especially if your vacation destinations are in an area well known for hurricanes and other deadly storms.  Researching your destination in advance can help you plan your vacation for a time when catastrophic storms are less likely to hit.

Top Travel News Stories

Monitoring the top travel news stories can often help save you considerable time and money and help you stay safe on your next vacation.  Travel news reporters make it their business to know and share the most current information about anything that could impact your travel plans.

Endangered Natural Wonders

If your bucket list includes any of the world’s natural wonders, make plans to get there sooner rather than later because many of these fragile wonderlands are in danger of disappearing.  The decline of the Belize Barrier Reef continues due to global warming of the seas, pollution and the invasion of cruise ships; and the Congo Basin, the world’s second largest rainforest, is predicted to be eradicated by 2040 if not protected.  Florida’s Everglades, the Maldives, and the Poles are also being threatened by global warming and encroaching development.

Over the Water Bungalows

Just in case you are searching for something more than a hotel room with a view of the ocean, resorts in several locations throughout the world offer accommodations that are even closer than ocean side.  Approximately ninety bungalow type resorts that are built right over top of the water are available throughout the world with the majority of them in the Maldives.  These exotic villas allow an optimal view of sea life through glass panels in the floor, snorkeling off the deck of your room, and maximum privacy for romantic getaways.

Animals found in Suitcases

In an attempt to replicate Noah’s Ark on a smaller scale in his suitcase one passenger was arrested at Thailand’s International Airport in Bangkok.  Officers trained in anti trafficking were monitoring the man from the time he purchased animals on the black market and caught him red-handed with two baby leopards, two panthers, two monkeys and a baby bear in his suitcases.  All the animals were endangered species, about the size of puppies, and appeared to have been drugged.  Officials believe the man is part of a larger sophisticated animal smuggling network.

Eastern Mediterranean Cruises Cancelled

Norwegian, one of the big name cruise lines, has pulled the Norwegian Jade ship from its Eastern Mediterranean destinations, blaming political unrest in that area for making travelers skittish about cruises with port calls in the area.  Several countries including Egypt, Libya and Tunisia are experiencing incidences that could make travel risky.  Travelers with cruises already booked are able to alter plans and transfer the booking to another cruise.  Norwegian’s announcement came on the heels of a similar action that cancelled winter cruises to the same area by Royal Caribbean.

Diamond Rock in Martinique

Forget just swimming under the sea because those with a more adventurous spirit can have the opportunity to swim under an entire island at Martinique’s Diamond Rock located in the Caribbean.  This unique vacation trip is reserved for the most advanced divers as the cavern beneath Diamond Rock includes strong currents. However, for divers that are up to the challenge, there are plenty of corals, marine life, and sea fans to explore beneath the island.  This undersea wonderland is virtually unknown to the U.S. and is an experience of a lifetime for diver enthusiasts.

Monitoring top travel news stories will help you stay informed about changes to vacation destinations that are included on your next vacation itinerary.  Always double check any information or news that you read with a travel agent who can also advise you about recent changes in popular tourist locations.